It’s 2016!
How many of you have made resolutions? Goals? Too overwhelming? Don’t be.
A year for me is too far out for me to be accountable, so what I do instead is make small measurable goals that will lead me up to that.This works for me because I can be accountable in something that only requires me to stay focused on a goal for a week or so. That part is easy. The hard part is asking me to stay focused on a goal for over a month. I’ll get distracted after two weeks. Knowing that about myself allows me to make sizable goals within a two week window. Once I finish the goal, I check it off and go to the next one.

Here’s my process:

I start with my year goals. I then make monthly goals based on my yearly goals
(what do I have to do each month to fulfill my yearly goals).
Then I create weekly goals based on those monthly goals.Then I create daily goals based on those weekly goals.
So each day I know before I start the day what I need to do that day to accomplish my yearly goals. And I simply do that thing first. Once that’s done, I answer emails, help clients, start on tomorrow’s work, go to lunch, quit for the day, go skiing, whatever. But before I do anything else, my goals for the day are accomplished.

If you focus on 4 big goals at one time, the odds that you will
achieve any one of them go way down.Because you are distracted. It is not easy to focus
on multiple goals at the same time.It’s much easier to achieve one goal than to try to achieve 3 or 4 at one time.

Focus on one big goal at a time. Finish it.Then start another.On down the road, once you become good
at “finishing” – then you can add another goal.Work on 2 goals at a time.
If that goes well…consider adding another.If it does not go well, go back to one goal at a time.
Which would you rather do:Focus on one goal at a time, for 90 days each, and in 365 days accomplish 4 goals.
Or try to do all 4 at one time, and find after 365 days that you have not achieved any of your goals?

Apps: I use a google calendar to create the goal and deadline. I also create a reminder that goes off everyday to remind myself to work on this. It keeps me from getting distracted.
You can find more information about how to use a google calendar in this great post from The Social Media Marketer here.


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