How to start an ENGAGING facebook group

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Great! So you started a Facebook Group.

And there are even some people in it! Now what do you do?

1) Make them feel special. Welcome them to the group. 

In my group, as soon as someone joins, the group I tag their name and
say “Welcome, (your name)! It’s so great to have you in our group!”
It makes them feel welcome, valued, and seen. If I have references or any valuable documents in the Group Files, I give instructions on what those are good for.

Let’s get them excited to be in the group and let them in on what they can expect from the group. Start planning things that that you show your committed.

2) What they can expect:

Remind them what your intention for the group is.

Let them know of fun things your be doing for the group

Free challenges, bonuses, open coaching hours, etc

2) Engagement Give them a number:

In X amount of words , what are you feeling right now?
In x words, what is your intention for the day?
In x words, how do help people in your business?

3) 7 Day Plan

Everyday, have it be a new intention.

One of my goal in my group is to get consistency and accountability,
and I find the best way to do that is to have 5 or 7 (if you include weekends) daily posts to place in your group. One of my groups is an Email ListBuilding Group, so everyday is a different goal. For Example,

Monday : This Week’s Focus:

State your Intentions for the week and name at least one things
you will do to carry that out.

Tuesday  : Traffic Tuesdays . How are you getting Traffic Today?

Wednesday: Challenges
What challenges are you facing?
What can our group do to help you grow your biz?

Thursday: Inventory Check-in

What actions seem to be working.
Check your stats, on Facebook, Google ads,
analytics, and see what is working and
what you need to change.

Friday: Good Things that happened

Inspire people to join your group by

5) Marketing your Group:
Creating an invite in a webpage or a pdf that you can share
State your intention for the group, who the group is for and what happens in the group

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