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    It’s 2016!
    How many of you have made resolutions? Goals? Too overwhelming? Don’t be.
    A year for me is too far out for me to be accountable, so what I do instead is make small measurable goals that will lead me up to that.This works for me because I can be accountable in something that only requires me to stay focused on a goal for a week or so. That part is easy. The hard part is asking me to stay focused on a goal for over a month. I’ll get distracted after two weeks. Knowing that about myself allows me to make sizable goals within a two week window. Once I finish the goal, I check it off and go to the next one.

    Here’s my process:

    I start with my year goals. I then make monthly goals based on my yearly goals
    (what do I have to do each month to fulfill my yearly goals).
    Then I create weekly goals based on those monthly goals.Then I create daily goals based on those weekly goals.
    So each day I know before I start the day what I need to do that day to accomplish my yearly goals. And I simply do that thing first. Once that’s done, I answer emails, help clients, start on tomorrow’s work, go to lunch, quit for the day, go skiing, whatever. But before I do anything else, my goals for the day are accomplished.

    If you focus on 4 big goals at one time, the odds that you will
    achieve any one of them go way down.Because you are distracted. It is not easy to focus
    on multiple goals at the same time.It’s much easier to achieve one goal than to try to achieve 3 or 4 at one time.

    Focus on one big goal at a time. Finish it.Then start another.On down the road, once you become good
    at “finishing” – then you can add another goal.Work on 2 goals at a time.
    If that goes well…consider adding another.If it does not go well, go back to one goal at a time.
    Which would you rather do:Focus on one goal at a time, for 90 days each, and in 365 days accomplish 4 goals.
    Or try to do all 4 at one time, and find after 365 days that you have not achieved any of your goals?

    Apps: I use a google calendar to create the goal and deadline. I also create a reminder that goes off everyday to remind myself to work on this. It keeps me from getting distracted.
    You can find more information about how to use a google calendar in this great post from The Social Media Marketer here.

      First of all, what IS inbound and outbound marketing?

      Inbound and Outbound marketing is geared towards pushing out your message as widely as possible (i.e “outbound”.)

      Outbound marketing is ideal for campaign launches, selling products with a deadline.
      (Best ROI to get your money back from advertising quickly) .

      Outbound marketing usually uses traditional media such as TV advertising, outdoor, print and online media and things like third-party promotions and PR. It’s the type of marketing you might often associate with B2C businesses such as consumer-packaged goods, retail, auto, etc. The purpose of this marketing is to spread a message QUICKLY.  I remember that annoying mantra that my grandfather preached, “Time = Money.”  Usually to promoting  something quickly and effectively requires money to advertise, so most outbound marketing requires a bigger budget than inbound marketing. Outbound marketing is good if you know you are going to get a high ROI, like campaign launches, online courses with a time limit. Onbound marketing is NOT great for building your brand which requires a lot of time for design, style guides, marketing, etc. Building a brand is great for Inbound marketing where you can leverage your time because there is less of a budget at stake. I’m currently working on doing lead generation for malpractice lawsuits and Outbound marketing is perfect for this because these people aren’t going to come back with the same injuries (hopefully) , they could care less how pretty the logo is, and these cases have a small window of time for compensation. These three things are the perfect recipe for outbound marketing.

      Inbound marketing is best for startups with a small budget, building a brand, entrepreneurs, and bloggers.

      Inbound marketing = draw people to your company/service (i.e”inbound”). The key objective in this marketing is to gain long term customers that are loyal to your brand by developing credibility.Inbound techniques include blogging, social media, industry insights and best practices.Inbound can be highly effective because targets are typically deeper into the buying process, and closer to making a purchase.

      This is not an overnight process.  A startup has less of  budget inbound marketing will work best. To quote Jeff Bezos from Amazon: “Advertising is the price you pay for being unremarkable”, and startups are usually remarkable. Yours is too. Find our what makes you different from the rest of your competition and emphasize that in all of your content marketing.

      If you are a startup, ideally, you want to have a balance of the two. Facebook ads are great for controlling your own budget and time frame of the ad, while also finding out who your target customer is. You can set up a small budget for a week or a minimum of $15 a day and if done successfully, you can get a high ROI and discover more about your target market.

      Let me know how you do!

        Unfortunately, writing  this post on my computer and putting in a lot of time and effort, doesn’t mean that people will see it. In fact, most people won’t unless I apply some techniques to get more viewers.

        Fun Fact: There are 83,000 blog posts a day.

        How are you going to be stand out? 

        A lot of these strategies,  I ‘ve learned from reading Brian Dean’s Blog,, combined with my own experience from knowing a lot about keywords, and doing online marketing for over 3 years.


        Here is the strategies I use to get more viewers for my website:
        1) Research: Before you even write your first post, do some research first.

        Brian Dean says to the three things that are essential are: Keywords, Content, Promotion

        Keywords: Finding trending keywords that apply to the present moment

        Go to keyword planner:

        Put in the landing page of your competitors in the keyword planner:


        Content Sharing Tools :

        1.Edgerank Checker

        Edgerank Checker looks at what you’re posting,and lets you know exactly how you can improve your engagement.

        2. BuzzSumo

        3. Google Analytics

        4. Google Alerts. 


        KingSumo is a wordpress plugin for your website, that allows you create contests and giveaways quickly and easily. It also has a simple way of linking your email manager to receive new email addresses.


        Here are some great tools to get more viewers to your facebook page:

        2. ContactTab

        You can add a contact form to your Facebook Page. with this amazing app.

        3. Polldaddy for Facebook

        Polldaddy for Facebook allows you to easily set up polls to share on your Page.

        What I like about using Polldaddy is you can promote the poll anywhere you want–on your Facebook Page, other social media accounts or on your website –and keep all the answers centralized in your Poll Daddy dashboard.

        4. Likealyzer is a free tool that analyzes the effectiveness of your facebook page or competitors’ page. It also gives you tips to increase your engagement.



          PPC will usually work for any business in any industry as long as you are using the proper keywords and quality content. 

          Look at your metrics:
          It all comes down to awareness and math.To become aware , you have to look at your back end in the Google Adwords dashboard at least once a day and see what is working.

          You will know by  looking at the statistics : If CPC and conversion and value creation are aligned, it will be profitable. Simple!

          Your bids on keywords against your competitors:
          PPC does not work when it costs more to acquire a customer using PPC than that customer generates over their lifetime. When you are a minnow swimming against the big sharks,  you might have some trouble buying keywords for less than $20.

          In this situation, you can do one of two things:
          1) Use longtail keywords, that are cheaper and if used properly, will  provide you more clicks that regular keywords because you are going after a super targeted market.

          A great software for longtail keywords is a company I use, called Hittail. com.
          Their software enables you to write the proper long tail keywords with the most popular long tail keywords.

          I hope this post has been helpful to you.

          If you liked this post, please leave a comment below for your feeback and share this post!





          The best passive income system

          When I was new to the marketing world, a good friend recommended this program to me because it was newbie-friendly and had a lot of successful marketers and coaches that would guide me. 3 years later, I now know A LOT about marketing , have proven sales and can now carry the torch helping others sell this Do-It_for-You-System. For most of you that know me, (and those that don’t– reach out!) you know that I don’t promote anything I don’t believe in. With  little effort, people have made over hundreds of thousands of dollars.


          Exhibit AScreen Shot 2015-07-21 at 7.30.09 PM 
          Exhibit B  matt-checks


          Here are several reasons why this program was the single fastest and easiest way to make the biggest commissions online in the internet marketing industry:

          • Phone Follow-Up
          Phew!! Who really likes to close deals anyway?
          They have a trained staff that are expert closers. Otherwise, MOBE wouldn’t be to where it is today.
          In my past business, there was nothing worse than having a lead and not being able to close them. It was like watching my money burn up in front of my very own eyes. I don’t have to worry about that now. These guys are the real deal. Pros.

          Multiple Products– These are exceptional  products that you are not only selling, but as a licence-rights partner, YOU OWN these and learn a lot about marketing. Some of this training is from our own
          top producers who show you step by step how to sell these products. If you follow their instructions, you will make money with this product.

          High Ticket Programs-  What do you think is easier? Making $100,000 a month by selling 1,000 products at $100 each, or, selling 50 products at $2,000 each? It’s easier to find 50 customers than it is to find 1,000. And don’t forget- you don’t have to sell to them! Our expert sales team will close for you.

          Commissions- Give you 90% commissions for up to $5,000 per sale, and 99% of the work is done for you.

          My Team and MOBE have private facebook groups you can network with, ask questions, become Joint ventures, etc. We also hold events all over the word so you get an opportunities to  meet people nationwide over 15 times a year.

          Price: MOBE costs $2,500 to join. There is a payment program if you don’t want to pay all at once.
          This pricetag immediately weeds out the tire-kickers that are looking for instant gratification and not serious about their long term business goals, or realize that they can make that money back
          in a two weeks.

          We want you to be confident in your purchase, so MOBE has a
          30 day  money -back guarantee plus $500 if you don’t make $1,000 within 30 days.
          (you must prove you actually tried)

          My Review: 

          5 stars! Seriously. It’s so easy that if you can’t make money with this,
          I promise you won’t be able to make money with anything else.

          Because MOBE is a reputable brand, there is so much proof and testimonials that this program works, that you really don’t have to twist people’s arms to buy it.  My mission with MOBE is to help others achieve there financial goals with MOBE.

          If you are serious about joining, I’ll commit to helping you reach your financial and lifestyle goals. 

          I don’t want people to struggle the way I was, and now that I know how to get
          results with this program, I want to pay it forward and help you, too.

          I only have 4 spots available to coach people to get to their financial goals using MOBE.
          SO if you are serious, please email me today.  These spots usually fill up quickly.

          If you are selected, we will set aside a time to chat and do the following steps:

          1) Discuss Goals and Plans
          After you tell me what your financial goals and lifestyle visions are,
          I will show you the steps to get there. I’ll create a marketing plan and strategy based on
          your goals.

          2) Technical:
          •I will get you connected with our High Converting Follow-up sequence for your email manager
          •I’ll set you up with an email manager -(mailchimp, aweber),if you don’t have one.
          •I’ll show you our training if you want to use a landing page service and integrate with your email manager

          3) Website:
          Set up your own free WordPress website excessively for MOBE!
          -with MOBE banners, Logos, a link to MOBE testimonial page ,
          -SEO plug-ins, webinar, plug-ins, and give you training on how to update it yourself.

          4) Access to websites: My Closed Facebook Marketing Group and MOBE’s Closed Facebook groups, in addition to the MOBE website, you’ll get access to the  MTTB Elite website- my team’s exclusive training

          5) Follow-up  We check in once a week to see where you are with your goals

          6) Sales Funnel– I will give you my very own MOBE  sales funnel , with my own lead magent I create, that has been converting for me and getting sales!
          • Facebook Banner ads
          * Opt-in Landing page with my own leadmaget for MOBE’s target market

          Within one week, after signing up, I’ll make sure you are connected with your coach,
          and ready to make money!

          Once you apply, MOBE will inform me that you are registered and we’ll start chipping away to make your dreams come true!

          This offer ends October 30st, 2015.

          Click HERE to Apply!

            Ethics and consistency pay off!

            Recently Google changed their algorithm which affects your website’s SEO rankings.

            Here are some changes they made:

            If your site is responsive, you will get higher rankings then others that only have a desktop “fixed” layout.This is great because it’s getting people do something they should have done years ago, and now Google has given people an incentive to do so.

            Another amazing thing that Google has changed is creating an “branding opportunity ranking”. Meaning the small entrepreneur can still win against the blue chip companies as long as they keep their stellar online reputation . This means that the companies that to post regularly, write valuable content on their site, have good “Klout” status, and keep up your white hat tactics, you will most likely get ranked high in the eyes of Google.

            How is your online brand perceived has become a very big piece of even Google algorithm because getting your website found with keywords is still a very big piece for digital marketing. It’s not a majority but it’s still a very big piece of it. So if you have a small or medium sized company how do you build your online branding? That becomes a real challenge. in the new arena today in digital marketing, having a great online brand becomes very important. So there are a lot of things, you have social media, you have reputation development, the blogging and getting mentions all over. All those things have become far more important today. At this point you know Google is god when it comes to digital marketing.

            This is music to my ears because it wasn’t so long ago that black hat practices were being used,like buying backlinks, content spinners, etc and received high rankings. Now people that do that get banned.
            No more one trick ponies that would promised to get you on page one by duplicating content, and buying old domains. Now everything is needed and that is a relief. Having a good brand and being ethical is long term approach to marketing. If you are going to be in this game for the long term, you now need to use the best ethical methods instead trying to make it overnight. Justice for all! Bye-bye, Black hats!